Today is my 26th wedding anniversary and I haven’t got a clue for a gift for my beloved. Of course it must be something special as it only occurs once a year. Last year was extraordinary – a trek through SE Asia. What can possibly be more memorable once you’ve visited the great stone monument of Bersurat Terengganu, Penang’s undaunted Fort Cornwallis, lively and historical Malacca, and duty-free paradise Langwaki?

Google had this to say about 26th wedding anniversaries:

  • The 26th Wedding Anniversary does not have any traditional materials or Symbols associated with it.
  • This Wedding Anniversary does not have any Flowers associated with it.
  • This Anniversary does not have any Gemstones associated with it.

Big help.

Restless from staring out the window at nothingness – for a 30-minute métro commute that’s a lot of emptiness to take in – I turned to read the newspaper over my fellow commuter’s shoulder when I spotted an ad for a play called “Mars et Vénus – La guerre entre les sexes” (tr. “Mars and Venus – the war between the sexes) playing at the Théatre Le Triomphe on rue Mouffetard, just up the cobblestone street from where we live.

The proverbial light finally flicked on. Why bother looking over mountains and seas when the answer is just around the block?

So what if the title piece is a bit cynical for a wedding anniversary event?

Next year, I’ll get him a medal of valor for putting up with me all these tiring decades.