most people worry about one thing or another at one time or another.

i tend to worry a lot more on average than the average worrier. of course, when you have children, parents, a home, a job, that’s already quite a list of things to worry about.

and then there are things that i should be worrying about, except that i haven’t gotten around to it yet. like exercising. or eating properly. or reading books that are on the list and not on the shelf. or finishing a project i haven’t started. or about a friend who’s thousands of miles away whom i can’t reach or help.

when my kids were little, i used to read the ‘mister men’ or ‘little miss’ series to them as bedtime stories. they assuage children about their concerns, worries, fears. i read the books for them and for myself. there is one called ‘mister worry’. he reassured me that he and i were in the same boat; yet no matter what we do, we will worry forever.

Mr. Worry is the thirty-second book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves. Mr. Worry worries about everything. If it rains, he worries that his roof will leak, if there is no rain, he worries that all of his plants will die. He worries about the other Mr. Men, and he meets a wizard who suggests he make a list of all his worries and the wizard will make sure none of them happen. When there is nothing to worry about, Mr. Worry is happy for a week, until he is worried about not having anything to worry about.

Mr. Worry appears under the titles Monsieur Inquiet (French), Don Preocupado (Spanish), Ο Κύριος Ανήσυχος (Greek), 걱정씨 (Korean), 煩惱先生 (Taiwan), Unser Herr Sorgenvoll (German).